I don’t know about you, but I spend about 20 hours a week on average commuting to and from work. That’s about 80 hours a month and 960 hours in year…9-6-0 HOURS. Do you know what I could do with an extra 960 hours in a year?! Well, since I am stuck on a train I figure there is more way’s than one to kill time. Here are must have apps to keep you entertained and proficient during your travels!

Netflix is my personal favorite video streaming site/app for a few reasons. First being that my mom still pays for the family account (shout out to you mom)! Second, they have almost all of my favorite old and new shows on there – what more could I ask for? The possibly best feature newly introduced to Netflix this year is the ability to download episodes to watch without using data. Can you say game changer?

Love reading, but don’t always have the time to go to the library to check out a physical book? OverDrive is made for you! With access to hundreds of library networks OverDrive allows you to use your existing (or new) library card to check out eBooks directly from the app and download them onto your device. With more popular books there is occasionally a wait list, in which case you will be notified when the book becomes available, but I’ve found for most books I get the instant gratification of downloading and diving in right away!

Of course Twitter is one of the many social media sites I utilize on a daily basis – that being said it is “tots my fav”! Twitter is all about the accounts you follow and/or interact with. There is the obvious feature of scrolling through your newsfeed, but it’s also key to know your go-to accounts for this, that, and the other thing! Some of my favorite accounts to follow are @MBTA_CR (obviously), @The_SA_Blog, and @BuzzFeed.

I try my best to stay up to date on current events (even though this isn’t always the case). One of the easiest, and most surface levels ways, to do this is download the CNN app and turn on push notifications. CNN sends out updates for any event – big or small. For some that is annoying, but I enjoy it because then if I am intrigued by the headline I go digging for more sources and read into it more!

I’m partially bias here because this game is from my all time favorite Youtuber – Roman Atwood, but it really is so much fun! Each of the characters is someone from Roman’s life ranging from his youngest son, Kane, to other Youtubers he has collaborated with like Logan Paul. Characters race through obstacles to compete and see who can make it the farthest while completing achievements – totally worth checking out!

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