Let’s address something right now…slow walkers have GOT. TO. GO.  If I had to list all the times I have missed a train because a person (or persons) were walking way to slow I could dedicate an entire blog to that alone. I mean really, it’s out of control. Someone should start a #StopSlowWalkers movement on social media – I’ll support the cause!

Here, my friends, is my plan to combat the slow walkers of public transportation. I would like to propose the implementation of walking lines at major MBTA Stations (i.e. South Station). Hold the applause, it’s a genius plan I know.

It’s simple really, I mean quite literally you could mark the lanes with paint or tape on the floor. It could be like the HOV lane on the highway. A special double wide lane for people who are walking with a purpose. All other leisurely paced walkers must stay on the outskirts of the lanes, only crossing at appropriate intersections.

This creates new jobs, a more effective use of space, and happier customers. I’m a regular old entrepreneur over here with these ideas! Anyone one have any ideas on who I can send my plan to? I’m thinking we can make this happen!

For now, those of you who are out walking at your regular MBTA stations please keep your pace in mind compared to your fellow commuters. If you have nowhere to be simply walk to the side leaving space for others to pass you. It’s commuter etiquette people, c’mon now.

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